Teacher in front of her classroom

Can Victus Consultancy help your business?

What is Victus Consultancy and can it help?

“Any questions” asks the teacher and a multitude of hands shoot towards the sky.
“Miss Miss, I don’t understand” says one pupil, ” I can’t do it” exclaims and other and “why do I always get it wrong?” Comes the third reply.

Hands up who needs help or has an issue in their hospitality business? No one, anyone? Well that is good news!
Really, so we are all doing great are we, we have no issues, no problems about standards, staff retention, EHO, sleeper diner conversions, average room rate, sales and marketing, digital exposure, effective web presence, social media, we all have great Gross Profits, reducing cost of sales, everyone is up to date with their allergens, Tripadvisor is storming ahead, slow and steady growth month on month……. Yeah I thought not!!

Ask Victus for help, be brave!

Why would you need us, think I just answered my own question.
Is it wrong to ask for assistance?? No it’s clever! As a child at school we are encouraged to share, to ask for help and advice, seek opinions from others, so why should we not do the same in business?
I was told recently that if a particular place of work appointed a consultant then it would be deemed as a failing on their part, I couldn’t disagree more!
If your business has a budget for marketing but no clue where to go from there, then that’s where Victus can step in to help. Our consultants can make tweaks or suggestions, improving your marketing so that your business can generate sales on the back of it. It is an investment, an investment whereby you invest in Victus and in turn it helps your business.

Victus is already helping if you are reading this!

Firstly Victus Consultancy is a hospitality business that’s board of directors already own or are involved in many hospitality businesses from hotels to restaurants to coffee shops and bars so this makes them relevant.

It is not a consultancy firm who is recommending Black Forest gateaux ( still a good pud though) as we are not living in the dark ages! We are relevant, we are actually award winning and we embrace our industry and want our other colleagues to succeed!!
So Victus helps, aids, supports, fixes and recommends solutions to change.

We are a cross between a real life Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare meets the Restaurant Man/ Alex Politzi and Hotel Inspector rolled into one.


  • Start up businesses wanting help to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes
  • Existing businesses with problems
  • Established businesses wanting to expand, change or question.

We work in your business with you, identifying areas of concern, areas that are not providing the best results and we offer solutions, systems, policies and procedures.
Sometimes all it needs is just a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes the results are tough to take because we are just… honest. Business is not a popularity contest, it is hard, and sometimes we need to play hard in order to get the job done.

We find that many of our clients have absolutely no hospitality experience at all and are trusting the word of their manager or chef… wrong!
How do you honestly know that they have the best intentions if your business at heart?
Many clients need advice and just a little bit of guidance when it comes to marketing and we’re on the books of at least a dozen businesses that use Victus on an ad-hoc basis. Of course, they all know that we’re here and are just a call away (or carrier pigeon, just in case the net goes down)!


Pick up the phone… I dare you!

It begins with a call, it’s as easy as that. Call us and discuss your issues. We can chat for up to an hour and it’s absolutely free, no cost, nothing, just your time. Imagine if Victus knew the answers to your woes and it was something that Victus could fix. Things could be looking up again pretty quickly indeed!!
We have just completed a project that generated a client a significant return on their investment, therefore Victus is affordable and we are just a call away!

A business has to be profitable, engaging, challenging and fun. It is where we spend the majority of your time and everyone has to remain passionate and positive. If you feel that help is need I urge you to contact Victus.