Victus invited to Munich with Rational

Victus and Rational

I was approached by Rational UK to travel to Germany and get the full understanding of their product range. As an ex chef myself, I understand the need for proper effective kitchen equipment. We must always remember “Buy cheap, buy twice”. I think it was the Gucci family that said “Quality will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten”.

Rational is sold to me as a lifestyle.
Now that is a pretty big claim but I will reserve judgement until I have retuned back to the mainland.

The trip is a two day intensive Rational factory tour with demonstration and the end result is simple, when you are working with clients in the hospitality industry, Rational will be the brand to recommend. I have attended Rational cookery demonstrations before and I have to say that I was absolutely blown away with what these pieces of equipment are capable of, I was already impressed so this should be a good trip.

We fly to Munich and are picked up at the airport and meet my fellow hospitality consultants. From catering specialists, menu engineers, concept designers to fix it operators – Rational have gathered together some real industry heavy weights. We exchange pleasantries and the first stop is the Allianz Stadium just outside Munich. To the football fans amongst us this is the home of Bayern Munich and 1866 Munich. We are given a tour of the kitchens, bars and get to go pitch side. The executive chef informs us as to the sheer scale of the operation, number of chefs involved and the Rationals and Frima’s ( sister product of Rational) that are used within the stadium. 45 Rationals are currently in use and in match days the brigade can cater for up to 2000 hungry guests. This is a terrific start to the trip.
From here we are driven the hour to our hotel in the small quaint town of Bad Worishofen. The Hotel Steigenberger is stunning, but I have realised that this is the Rational mind set, in the words of Tina ‘simply the best!’. This generously appointed hotel has superb spa facilities, the rooms are well appointed, the surroundings are very majestic and dinner and drinks has been arranged for 7pm in the lounge. Our hosts from Rational ensure that everything is taken care of. The four course evenings menu has been carefully selected with wine to match and the presentation and service are sublime. After dinner drinks are set back in the bar with nibbles placed out all nicely for a well earned rest before the early departure of 07.30am. The breakfast offering is first class from the cereals, meats, cheeses and yoghurt a to the range of teas, breads and hot items. We are encouraged not to over eat as we have a whole day of sampling ahead when we arrive at Landsberg headquarters of Rational.

Upon entering this enormous factory the first thing you notice is absolute calm, this is an enormous factory somewhat similar to an IKEA with pristine cleanliness and lines and markings to show exactly what should be placed and where. After coffee and pasties we are given the factory tour. The information is incredible, the statistics are unreal. It is commented by our host how annoying it is when you call any manufacturer or business about an issue and you have to tell many people the same information time and time again. This is not the case here at Rational HQ. Each unit is hand built by one individual and that individual can be made available if required, is it just me or is this brilliant business!
We discuss build, quality, testing, complaints, turnover, stock, staff, flexible working conditions, spares and it is fair to say that if I wasn’t already suitably impressed before hand then I am completely sold now! The team at Rational work with a certain class where nothing seems to be an issue but the job is clearly getting down.
Now time for the fun bit. We are taken to the production kitchen where we all are given our Rational goody bags, feels like being at the after party of the catering oscars with all these freebies. Pinnied up the show gets under way where our two Rational chefs will now demonstrate the benefits of Rational over its competitor products.
From boiling to baking, proving to roasting, these units do it all. We are surrounded with all day breakfasts, croissants, brisket of beef and fillets of salmon. Not to mention whilst the Frima is cooking porridge, scrambled egg, curry and pasta. Back to the Rational and we are now hot holding chicken whilst cooking salmon, vegetables are next….. In under a minute. These units are incredible.

Victus and our Opinion of Rational

In a day and age when every single penny is scrutinised perhaps Rational is the answer as the labour saved and utilities reduced is impressive. Living wage and auto enrolment all add to the case for the introduction of Rationals and Frima into any hospitality outlet. Then when it can’t get any better the Frima unleashes battered fish and chips to the fellow consultants.
Now with very satisfied tummies the coach arrives back and whisks us back to the airport. No time for sleep after that array of fayre. I am not biased to any particular company, brand or make regarding equipment but I must admit that I find it hard to beat Rational.

Michelle and Lee were wonderful hosts, not pushy in the slightest as the units sell them self . Our hosts went the extra mile ensuring every one of us was fed and watered at the airport and followed up on our experiences on the days following the visit. If you are considering a new kitchen project or need to renew existing equipment then I urge you to contact Victus.
Thank you Rational, my clients need you. Victus are happy to review any hospitality based products.

RATIONAL was very pleased to host Victus Catering Consultancy during this week’s tour of the production facility. This was an important event for the UK consultants where they gained an intensive insight into the benefits for a modern kitchen using the combined solution of a RATIONAL Self Cooking Center and the FRIMA Vario Cooking Center. Smaller kitchen footprint, reduced energy consumption and consistent high quality culinary results are just some of the benefits that can be realised.