Trust in talent, not qualifications

While many students celebrate recent exam success and prepare to start their dream university course or career, others are licking their wounds and pondering their next move. Disappointing results may seem devastating, world-ending, catastrophic. The future may seem bleak and hopeless. So how I wish I could shake each and every one of these crushed, desperate souls and tell them “IT REALLY DOESN”T MATTER!!”.

Now clearly there are some professions that depend on fantastic exam results. Who, after all, wants to be operated on by a surgeon or dentist without the proper qualifications? Or flown by a pilot who hasn’t passed all their training? But there are many, many jobs out there that depend so much more on personality, natural talent, attitude and motivation than top grades.

Let’s look at some of the world’s best known business leaders:

  • Richard Branson – dropped out of school aged 16
  • Steve Jobs – dropped out of college after 6 months
  • Henry Ford – born into abject poverty and only went to school for 8 years
  • Andrew Carnegie – left school aged 13 to work in a factory
  • Walt Disney – dropped out of school aged 16 to join the army, but was rejected for being underage

Failures? I think not.

Hospitality is one of those industries where the right people, rather than the right qualifications, matter most. My uncle, an Oxford Don, is utterly incapable of retrieving spaghetti from a pan and dishing it into two bowls. He’s the last person on earth I’d employ. Yet some of my very best members of staff have few or no formal qualifications. What they do have is an innate sense of hospitality, a genuine love of and interest in people, natural charisma and charm, and an absolute determination to acquire all the skills they need to perform their jobs to the very best of their ability. They are talented in what they do, and no amount of qualifications would ever change that.

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