Training Packages

Victus knows that professional staff are the key to success in the hospitality industry. A warm welcome, professional, courteous service and the ability to manage any situation positively is the key to creating a smoothly run, well operated successful business. Regardless of your style or type of business (restaurant, cafe hotel or takeaway), sourcing and keeping regular customers is paramount when succeeding in business.

Front of house staff

Front of house is primary to creating an atmosphere and unique dining experience, today having great food is not enough, front of house staff must also be smart, knowledgeable and well trained in all areas. Our tailor made training packages include:

  • service skills etiquette
  • taking bookings
  • presentation (personal and dining area)
  • menu knowledge
  • responsible service of alcohol
  • operational standards
  • time management
  • service procedures
  • managing complaints positively
  • marketing and up-selling

Kitchen staff

It is vital that chefs are not only capable of cooking and presenting food that is suitable for the venue, but also must have a good understanding of cultural and dietary needs, budgeting,allergens, cost control and negotiating skills. Our training packages cover all areas of the kitchen function including…

  • food hygiene
  • stock rotation and management
  • food presentation
  • cooking methods and technology
  • time management
  • mis-en-place (preparation for service)
  • fresh vs. convenience
  • personal hygiene and presentation
  • how to make ‘specials’ profitable
  • allergens

Managers and supervisors

Good managers make a great business through motivation, experience and training. Leaders within the business need to be trained on not just the latest legal requirements, but should also be developed to understand how to manage a business, staff and customers. Our training experience offers a range of skills to cover…

  • management skills – the basics
  • presentation of the business
  • time management
  • budgeting basics
  • managing people – staff and customers
  • managing complaints positively
  • profitability
  • business marketing


As a business owner, franchise operator or independent, you need to have the right keys to unlock the opportunities within your business. Many owners today find themselves working for the staff and having little or no personal time. Don’t allow your dream to become a nightmare of stress and overwork, the correct tools can allow you to once again fulfil the dream. Victus  training resources are one-to-one and give guidance on the following areas…

  • budgeting
  • employing the right people
  • time management
  • who’s the boss? – managing with staff
  • managing customers
  • passion and commitment
  • staff morale and training
  • presenting your business
  • your role – running a successful business
  • marketing and profitability
  • kitchen and front of house management.
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