Top 5 tips for booking a speaker at your next business event

I love speaking and presenting. I love standing up in front of an audience and delivering relevant messages to the right people. But when a client gets in touch saying “We need a motivational speaker to fill a space in our event programme. Can you help?”, my heart sinks.

Using a speaker should never be about beefing up your event or conference programme. Book a speaker solely on that basis and you waste both time and money….and risk losing your audience.

So before committing to a speaker, I would always recommend reflecting on five key points:

1. Decide if you really need a speaker
There’s no point in booking a speaker for the sake of it; because you think it is the done thing or there’s a gap you need to fill. However, if:

~ You need a specialist to talk about a hot topic
~ Morale is low and you need to gee up the audience
~ You need someone to highlight or tie together key messages

~ You need to inject knowledge or humour into your programme

Then, yes! A speaker can work wonders.

2. Define your aims & objectives

Clarify the messages of your business event, then ensure your speaker has the experience, knowledge and personality to align with and elevate these themes. Provide as clear a brief as possible and make sure your speaker fully understands your expectations and can demonstrate how s/he will fulfil them.

3. Beware the “set speech”
Some speakers roll out the same old same old at every event without any thought to the context to the event they’re speaking at. What they have to say might be hugely interesting and entertaining, but won’t be tailored to the mission, vision and values of your company or the specific messages of your event.


4. Understand your audience
Know your audience and you can better choose a speaker who can connect with them… and who they in turn can relate to. The diversity: age, race, gender balance, seniority, nationality and even expectations of the delegates all play a part in how well they will receive and engage with the speaker.

5. Do your homework
Has your preferred speaker been successful at similar events? Can they provide relevant case studies and testimonials? Are they credible?

Spend time considering the above and evaluating your options, and your audience will better engaged, better informed… and more grateful!

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