Throwing out yer punters!!

Disrespectful guests can be a nightmare, we as operators certainly don’t need it. Lets be honest we have all had them,  but when does firm, stern and loud turn into being down right rude!

Tripadvisor and our guests…

From the drunk wedding guest to the diner who just wants a moan or the couple arguing right in the middle of the restaurant in full view of everyone, this can be a nightmare. Guests now know that Tripadvisor is lurking in the wings waiting for ammunition, often unfounded, but still available for others to see. The famous case of The Crags Hotel in Calender was one such example. Terrific reply though!!

Sometime though we are backed into a corner, a corner that we don’t want to be in at all, but we must remember that hospitality is just that… us being hospitable. There is a time and a place for everything as my dear old granny used to say and it is a fine skill to be able to know when enough is enough and they have to go.

The most obvious reason why a guest has to go is booze, the demon drink! And can you imagine the mix of booze with emotions thrown in to the mix.

Weddings seem to bring the worst out in people, others just think that they are a rule to themselves, and not want to follow house rules as in dress code, language and use of mobile phones etc.

Often situations can be avoided and having to ask a guest to leave is certainly the last resort. Often by talking calmly and directly at the individual whilst ensuring that everyone in that party clearly understands what is going on can often result in the situation being defused.

I once witnessed a restaurant manager making jokes and being sarcastic to a guest in a bid to get them to leave his establishment. Interrupting the guest and talking too quickly  humiliated the guest and that was the final straw. If our own standards are exemplary then we cannot be judged differently. Victus can help. 

Follow your gut instinct…

It has been well documented that patrons in restaurants often cheer when rude and offensive diners are asked to leave as there evening has also been disturbed by the actions of a few. The knock on effect to other guests is vital. Your gut knows what to do.

There is exceptions to the rule with the famous documented case of the restaurant denying a blind guest access due to him being accompanied by his guide dog. The restaurant claimed that they had a strict no dog policy and the guest was asked to leave.

waited 30 mis photo

Hospitality used to be seen as an industry whereby if you did not do particularly well at school or lacked ambition then you fell into catering and few left. These are modern times and hospitality is once again a great industry, a thriving industry and an industry where respect is paramount. We already work weekends, nights, bank holidays and miss out on a lot of the fun times so we will not and cannot take unnecessary nonsense.

If you are looking for catering or hospitality consulting then get in touch today. Victus can help!