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Starting a Business in Hospitality

Why am I blogging???

So they tell me to write a hospitality consultancy blog about starting a business and I started Victus but Victus is me so basically write about myself, my work, my passion, my beliefs. Everything I do every day, is about hospitality, I eat, breathe, sleep and think catering. I am addicted to the industry that we call hospitality. I have committed my life to catering, I know no other trade. I can’t eat with friends or family without them waiting for me to analyse, critique, comments, complain or hopefully praise.. Am I that predictable? I love food, I really do, I am not one of those ‘on a bed of, in a pool of, enhanced, drizzled and recently and I kid you not..,, levitated on!!!!! What the actual… Is levitated on?? Food, good service and great company is there anything better?

My first memory of catering was my dear old Aunt Isobel, she and her late husband had a chocolate tree that grew in her garden and produced some amazing chocolate treats. I was 7 of course I believed her. One day she took myself and my brother to the source of the chocolatey goodness. Turns out she was Isobel Lee of Lees macaroon and my Aunty was a real life Willy Wonka!!

My Reasons for Starting a Business…

Anyway back to me, my background is simple, I didn’t do particularly well in school and fell into catering at a fairly young age. I was kitchen portering by 13 but it was the actual kitchen that was drawing me in. There was a noise, a smell, a heat that I couldn’t describe. Grown men were barking orders in a foreign language and were working together in a team to create visual masterpieces and we all know that we eat with our eyes first. Sauce corners, fish stations, larder prep was just music to my ears.

There was stock pots, brat pans, salamander grills and equipment that even today I am unsure as to what they did. I knew then that I would seek no other employer. My careers advisor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was an absolute no brainier, I was going to tour the world as a bass player in a hugely successful rock band or form an enormous catering business. Starting a business in hospitality was always a dream of mine.

When the world tour offers never landed on my desk it said to me that the catering angle was the correct path. Time spent working here
and there ( even had a great wee catering lease of a rugby club) and three years at college later I was now the proud owner of an HCIMA qualification and the world was my oyster.

Reaching Boiling Point…

I span the globe to see where I should unveil my talent and stuck a finger down. Montreal, Paris, New York or London couldn’t compare with the thriving metropolis of Kinross, Scotland. Two years later as assistant manager of a four star hotel I new I needed a new challenge and was approached to be general manager of a small boutique hotel on the bonny banks of Loch Lomond. I was only 22.

This would be the education that I needed and click your fingers and another seven years has passed and this one wee hotel has grown to three hotels, a couple of restaurants and was now involved in the opening of a big hotel in Glasgow and the penny dropped at a meeting at head office in Edinburgh. I was called in to discuss facts and figures, stats and percentages. I was told that by the age of sixty I should have a yacht. When I asked them if they had one they rubbed their heads. ‘I think it is in Helensburgh’ they said and at that very minute I realised that the harder I worked the more I was helping someone else live their dream. That was the day I handed in my notice and stepped forward in a new journey. It was going to be my journey, their would be highs and lows and massive mistakes along the way.

The Birth of Victus Hospitality Consultancy…

I would hire and fire, be threatened and win awards in the same week, I would succeed more than I would fail but I knew that I would always bounce back and when the time came to launch Victus it would make me relevant, I would be a hospitality consultant who actually owned coffee shops, restaurants and other catering outlets. I would have a published book behind me and years and years of experience and exposure within our industry. I would set out on a mission to help other caterers succeed in their business.

I would mentor, coach, inspire and consult in every aspect of hospitality consultancy helping hundreds of people in starting a business and you can only imagine the stories so far!! To find out more please get in touch.

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