The humble drinks menu

The choice has now never been greater. You almost feel like you need to enter cafe culture pre armed with a decision already made so as not to look out of place or not up to speed with current trends.
Coffee shops have become the new pubs. With the drink driving limits changed in Scotland it’s now all about  Mocktails over Cocktails and Latte over Liquor.
We will spend over £8 Billion, yes £8 Billion in the coffee shop culture this year picking from over 20,000 outlets yet as a nation we still are low in the ranking of Europe cafe connoisseurs. They say that one in five of us visit daily.  We have left the stigma of being a nation of Tea Jennies and now are bombarded with  …Is it going to be hot, cold, on ice, tall, small or grande. The next level takes us to extra shots, cinnamon, dustings of this and that.
Then we are faced with the choices involving brands. Is it Innocent, Fentimans, Barrs or do we look for local home made products. We want to know where are drinks are from, drink miles, provenance, traceability, organicness, fair trade local and international.
From hot drinks to fizzy juice, mocktails to milkshakes. Herbal teas, infusions, fruit juices and now the ever expanding creative minds start to play. I have seen milkshake menus with over 100 options, concoctions and connotations. What if we take this humble milkshake and add a donut, a Bourbon biscuit and lashings of sticky sauce and cream. One almost needs a degree in operations and a scuba suit just to tackle this beast.
Then we even haven’t started to discuss the milk involved…..full fat, semi skimmed, skimmed, almond milk, soya milk… What’s next ….breast?
They talk about waves in cafe culture, the next wave apparently is to include more science behind what we drink as apposed to the simple solution of quenching our thirst. We are now seeing brewing kits, coffee art, information regarding protein structure and allergenic information all relating to our beverage of choice.
Although the big boys have market share the small independent sole traders are pushing boundaries with cafe culture and the future of cafe drinking. Are you ticking the boxes?? Give Victus a call if you wanna chat…