Opening a new restaurant, cafe, coffee shop or bar is an exciting experience. You have vision, drive, passion and aspire great success, awards, accolades and reviews and customers returning time after time to YOUR business!
You have had the idea for ages but now the timing is right, the funding is in place and you are desperate to start the new adventure,  to make those dreams a reality.
Do you buy an existing business or do you start new and buy a premises with hospitality usage? Victus can help.
Whatever you decide and whichever your budget will allow, as with buying anything else that you desperately want, it is easy to rush into something that isn’t suitable. Victus can help
Is the premises and location right for your cuisine? Is there a demand in the area? Victus can help
Victus Catering Consultancy  does not  just look at failing businesses and help owners turn them around. We also help many people in start up situations and guide them so that they avoid these early mistakes, mistakes that I made myself in the early days.
Our services for new start ups can be as few or as many as you wish.
  • From premises and area evaluation,
  • concept and menu suitability
  • detailed competition review
  • interior design
  • branding
  • staff recruitment
  • the launch party
If you are thinking about opening a new restaurant, bar, artisan coffee shop or brasserie, commencing the refurbishment and are planning your initial launch, then we can help you avoid the early mistakes and help you give your business solid foundations for the future. Victus may be the solution.
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