Coaching our Victus winning teams!

How do we coach winning teams?

People, it’s all about people, it’s about building teams.
There are so many books, videos and information out there regarding effective coaching but my view especially within  the hospitality industry is simple…… Coach and support, coach and support! Simple as that.
Every business irrespective of size faces the same challenges, how do we retain the key people after we have developed them?
What is we coach and train them and they leave?
What if we don’t and they stay?

Effective coaching the Victus Way

Effective coaching will empower any team member and should in theory develop a professional culture within the workplace.
Coaching is set to short term objectives, it is about action as a direct result of change.
It is grabbing change by the bits n bobs and seizing opportunities, it shows how much each individual is requiring and also highlights who needs extra assistance.
Coaching is about agreeing a specific route that can be measured and in turn should support their own personal development and inturn enhance the business or company which they work.
Subject to the needs of the business, coaching is flexible in its approach.

Victus undertakes various forms of coaching within the hospitality industry and the key areas tend to be about giving and receiving feedback, we as a nation are not good in this department. Other areas can be how to deal with conflict or a common area is time management or indeed lack of! Get in touch to find out how Victus can help your business.

It is important to remember that coaching can be seen as a valuable tool for individuals moving on to a new hospitality business as they may be faced with new challenges or opportunities. We must remember that the past is exactly where it should be and coaching is all about moving forward and to the future.

Steps for the Victus coaching proccess

Identify and agree who needs coached and why
Identify the areas that require coaching
Agree a definitive objective with either the individual or the company
The objective has to be realistic as coaching is a positive exercise and about encouragement and there is nothing worse than the lack of belief and hope, sad times!
As coaches we need to ensure that the student fully understands the plan and what is exactly required of them so that there is no grey area.
As my granny said we have two ears and only one mouth so we should use them in exactly that way, listen more than we speak. Listening is crucial, but it is a definite skill to be able to listen properly to what the individual is actually telling you. They are trusting you on their own personal journey and that has to be respected!
A great tip as a coach is to write down what the student is saying as a point of reference so that after the meeting we can analyse the information again to ensure that we have an full understanding of their situation.
We all know about open ended questions as we need them talking to us!

I have six honest serving men, I taught them all I know their names are
What and
Where and
When and
Why and
How and
Who”have a click to our to a reminding song
By using this, our students do the talking. In turn we are showing approval and encouragement so that the individual often arrives at the correct answer,

It is important that the student is encouraged to tell what they could have done, what action or steps and manoeuvres they could have taken. It is great to see the student arriving at their own conclusions rather than having the coach give them the answers. This shows ownership and responsibility.
Once the objectives have potentially been set, review them with the person that is being coached. Set new targets and ask new additional questions such as “what might inhibit this from happening?” Or ” what factors may change the outcome?”
This is covered slightly in the Victus book 

The secret to a good coach is understanding time and being patient. The bottom line is that if the individual being coached feels good and has a better understanding of their own role in the organisation, then effective coaching has been undertaken.