Hospitality Talent

Calling all Hospitality Talent!

Calling all Hospitality Talent!

Richard Branson once famously said “employ passion and train skill” and I think that he pretty much hit the nail of the head. It’s not rocket science, people like people and people like to be looked after like minded people who make people feel great!
It is fair to say that little emphasis is put on this in many business but people are our most important asset, if we have the wrong people then we potentially do not have a business!
I have always asked every employer ” if you walked into battle, would the team follow you?” If the answer is no then perhaps that is a tell take sign to problems brewing in the work place. How do we call upon the talent?

It is documented that companies that have better staff engagement are 50% more likely to exceed targets and budget, now just pause for a minute and think about that!

Spend time with the hospitality troops

Businesses and in my opinion hospitality businesses do not nearly spend enough time, effort, money, skill or expertise retaining the talent within their business.

As a hospitality consultancy firm Victus is often asked the same question about retaining talent and our reply is simple…”what do you do that is different from the rest.” Most operators look at you as if you have just insulted their mothers! But it’s true, it’s not just about the money, sometimes it is about being appreciated with as simple a gesture as thank you or good job, sometimes it can be a job title and in other situations it can be the unfair favouritism within the work place.
We spend many hours looking at surveys, charts, lines here and diagrams there about staff retention but it all boils down to engagement. An example of a company where staff comes first…simply the team are the winning team and they want people to know about it!

Talent in Hospitality likes engagement.

Staff like to be heard, let them speak and more often than not is is vital feedback being offered. Most people want the business to succeed so perhaps this feedback may result in a direct increase in productivity or a reduction in cost  therefore helping the bottom line and we all know that sales are vanity but profit is sanity.

Sometimes it is better to run the business with a member of staff in a certain position short rather than filling the position for the sake of filling the position with just a person as apposed to the right person. This is just a short term fix and often brings down the morale of the existing team which can be seriously dams find for the business and often others have to make up the shortfall. Teams understand that they are required more when the team is missing a key player. It it also shows how much you respect what they bring to the table in the fact that you are not just agreeing to a second class employee but would rather hold out for the best to enhance the existing team. We need to look at the members who are responsible for hiring and ensure that they fully understand the dynamics of the organisation. A tip we often ask potential staff members is to tell me about my particular business, what do you know about it and most importantly about my values and how do they live by any of these?

Many businesses, and the ones that tend to be holding onto their staff better are looking at fulfilment, development and make people feel better, almost enrichment in their work and personal lives.

People are human and just want to be respected and appreciated within the work place.