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Business Book

Thought that I had better write a business book, offering top tips, advice and guidance

I wrote a book. Yeah, me …. a book!

Did I say that I wrote a book about business? I know! Me! A book! Now it ain’t no Tolstoy War and Peace, Harry Potter or Lady Chatterley’s you know but it’s out there, published and available to buy. I have an ISBN number which apparently makes me an author, a catering author, a hospitality author with an opinion apparently!

The time to break a twig is when you see it. Think it was my dad who taught me that, the same applies in work and in life. Do it now, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, same goes with Victus. Don’t delay if your business needs help, a fresh pair of eyes, a new perspective on how things actually are. Call us, tweet us, drop us an email, use a pigeon we do
n’t care but just get in touch!

Front cover of Victus' book

I wish that I had met myself twelve years ago when I had set out on the road of being self employed. The mistake that I made certainly would have justified the assistance of a consultant in my field to steer me through the murky seas of hospitality. Customers ask all the time if their project is too small, silly or pointless but when it comes to business, everything and anything that we can do to enhance your business can only be a good thing. Many people tell me that by asking for the help of a consultant is a sign of failure but it couldn’t be further from the truth. At school if we need help, advice or council then we are encouraged to ask for help so why should business be any different….yet another reason why I wrote a book, a business book, a helpful journey into hospitality, a pick me up, put me down fun and inspiring book.

Are we expensive? Well we deliver and have a 100% proven track record, so I would say no we are not!! We fix problems, we can help, I can promise you that. Ask our other clients who have seen a difference, some are so happy that they won’t let us go, seriously we have weekly, monthly and twice yearly meetings already in the diary for this year and next  so that says to me that Victus can help.

Suppose we are the Ask-it powder to hospitality in that we can fix your headaches!!!

Did I say that I wrote a book containing tips on business?

Public Speaking with the Victus Book

Andrew Scott from Victus speaking publicly

So I get asked to talk to businesses, entrepreneurial inspiring workshops,  something or other to do with future talent and last year started taking the Victus book abroad. Recently whilst on a train to London I get into conversation with a small guest house owner who asks me what is the best thing about being self employed? When I tell her that my answer ” the preconceived idea of what others think I have” she smiles and nods. Being your own boss can be lonely, really lonely. It is assumed that you have all the answers, but who do you turn to for help, support, advice or even just to knock an idea off? Everyone else seems to get paid first and if there is anything left at the end of the week and if you are lucky you might just get something. I understand this better than most having been self employed now for almost thirteen years. Read the Victus business book, it makes sense, get in touch with us and tell me your business issues. You tell me and I will give you a

complimentary hour to see if we can help.

Advice, guidance and tips

Victus Catering Consultancy can help new and existing businesses release their true potential, get in touch, we might even send you a copy of the book.
If you get an unsigned copy it’s worth more!!

Get in touch and let’s start our conversation.