Breakfast, the best start to the day

Breakfast is vital – the very best way to kick start your day. Breakfast is wonderful. We should do it every day.

Hail to breakfast!

But for those of us in the catering and hospitality industry, breakfast is also a great opportunity to increase footfall and capitalise on morning trade. Even pubs, bars, bistros and other historically “evening” outlets are catching onto and maximising the opportunity.

Breakfast copy

The key to a good breakfast menu is choice. Everyone has their preference for light and continental or hearty and filling. Personally I would have both – a 3-course meal to start the day – why not?  All breakfast menu items should use the very best local produce available and always include regional specialities. If I’m in Scotland I want to tuck into haggis and black pudding, Ireland – farls. When in England, I want to sample white pudding, and a portion of “bubble” in London never fails to make me smile.  Award-winning sausages and bacon are always an attractive proposition, and much can be made of the provenance of local jams, breads, eggs and sauces.


To ensure a smoother operation, offer as full a breakfast menu as you can until lunch-time service begins, then make a simplified version available for the rest of the day. The all-day-breakfast being, after all, one of the greatest British institutions! And if you’re lucky enough to benefit from passing trade, a take-away menu compliments your offering and boosts takings.

A well-designed, varied menu, as with any other meal, is the secret to a successful breakfast. The brunch menu should be the focus of the morning service for any food led venue. Sure, the hot drinks market may be experiencing a period of growth, but nothing encourages customers to stay and spend more than the prospect of a good meal. For many, brunch has become a regular ritual. A time to catch up with friends, and for parents with young children it’s a way to indulge in a more sophisticated play date. Young families may be put off going out for an evening meal depending on your opening hours and license, so offering brunch is a way to invite and welcome them to your venue.


Brunch isn’t just for the weekend. Exploit quiet weekday mornings by enticing a different kind of customer to your bar. After all, who can resist pancakes with bacon, banana and maple syrup or poached eggs with salmon. Not me!

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