Are you serving the perfect coffee?

Customers are becoming increasingly discerning about the standard of their coffee, with many travelling far and wide to find a café or coffee shop that makes theirs just the way they like it.
You get this, so you’ve researched and sourced the perfect coffee beans. You’re kitted out with some great equipment and funky mugs. You’ve added every type of coffee to your menu, from Espresso to Cappuccino and Latte to Mochachino. And you haven’t forgotten catering for customers with different dietary requirements by offering different milk options. But is the end result as good as it could be?
Barista schools and institutes are popping up all over the country, and you could send your staff to one of their training courses. There are also plenty of on-line options, which are cheaper but offer no “hands-on” training. You could even check out some videos on You Tube! My preferred option is to invest in a barista trainer or speciality consultant to come to your coffee shop or café. This way, staff receive more tailored training using the equipment they’re used to.
Sessions could include:
  • Background information – coffee growing, harvesting & roasting
  • Freshness & packaging
  • Espressos & pulling shots
  • Making the perfect lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos etc
  • Adding flavours & syrups
  • Steaming milk to perfection
  • Latte art – adding the final flourish
  • Cleaning & maintenance

Once this training is complete, your newly skilled staff could in turn provide training for other and new team members, minimising future costs and creating a development opportunity for everyone.

A little training and investment goes a long way to ensure you become famous for your coffee, and a destination rather than simply a convenient place to stop!


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