All about the brand

A recognisable brand is surely one of the most valuable assets of any business. Do it well and the very mention of your name will conjure up images of style, innovation, excellence, customer care and creativity. Do it badly, however, and you’ll always find it difficult to project who you are and what you’re all about in a positive light.

Craft a name, logo, values, mission and ethos to create a brand which truly represents your business. This will build a strong identify which resonates with your customers. Take All Bar One, Slug & Lettuce, and Wetherspoons – each makes you imagine very different styles, atmospheres, staff attitude, approach and price points. Customers walk into their venues and know what to expect – this consistency is key to maintaining brand loyalty.


A strong, impactful logo is a great way to start. Choose your design, typography and colour, then ensure you use the same kind of style across your business. Consistency across your drinks lists, bar menus, brochures and promotional information reinforces your brand, creates a stronger impact and increases credibility.

By nailing your branding you can even boost profits by selling branded merchandise – Hard Rock Café immediately springs to mind. If your customers have a great experience and love what you do, they’ll want to identify with you by wearing your logo. Who can knock an additional source of revenue which also provides a free PR and advertising opportunity?

Bar merchandise

Staff uniforms are another opportunity to display and reinforce your logo, with the added benefit of acting as a walking billboard on their commute to work. But choose wisely who wears these clothes. Your team can’t simply wear a branded uniform, they have to believe in and be the face of your business. Recruit with personality and cultural fit in the forefront of your mind – will the candidate be a reflection of your brand and the image you want to project? Your brand begins and ends with the people behind your bar. A professional, fun, friendly bartender will attract repeat customers who will spread the word, but a surly, sloppy one will result in a bad customer experience and a loss of confidence in your brand.


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