Monthly Archives: June 2017

Training staff in turbulent times

With rising business rates, the introduction of the living wage, the uncertainty of Brexit and the proliferation of huge hotel and restaurant chains, times have never been tougher for humble hospitality and catering SMEs. With both budgets and time tight, the temptation may be to put training staff nearer the bottom of the priority list….

Moments of Truth

Fifteen years ago, looking for refuge from the pouring rain, I popped into an unprepossessing¬†tea room. I needed a cuppa, and badly. Just five minutes later I was presented with a beautiful fine bone china cup, saucer and tea pot. All very nice of course, but nothing I didn’t expect or hadn’t seen before. Then…

Man meets Wall

I’ve just walked the Great Wall of China. Ok, not all 6,600 miles of it, but certainly some of the most gruelling, challenging, awe-inspiring sections. I know! Me! Walk the Great Wall! Even just typing the words gives me goosebumps. I pinch myself as I type. Damn, I thought I was made of stronger stuff!…