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Victus invited to Munich with Rational

Victus and Rational I was approached by Rational UK to travel to Germany and get the full understanding of their product range. As an ex chef myself, I understand the need for proper effective kitchen equipment. We must always remember “Buy cheap, buy twice”. I think it was the Gucci family that said “Quality will be remembered…

Hospitality Talent

Calling all Hospitality Talent!

Calling all Hospitality Talent! Richard Branson once famously said “employ passion and train skill” and I think that he pretty much hit the nail of the head. It’s not rocket science, people like people and people like to be looked after like minded people who make people feel great! It is fair to say that…


Coaching our Victus winning teams!

How do we coach winning teams? People, it’s all about people, it’s about building teams. There are so many books, videos and information out there regarding effective coaching but my view especially within  the hospitality industry is simple…… Coach and support, coach and support! Simple as that. Every business irrespective of size faces the same…