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Teacher in front of her classroom

Can Victus Consultancy help your business?

What is Victus Consultancy and can it help? “Any questions” asks the teacher and a multitude of hands shoot towards the sky. “Miss Miss, I don’t understand” says one pupil, ” I can’t do it” exclaims and other and “why do I always get it wrong?” Comes the third reply. Hands up who needs help…

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Business Book

Thought that I had better write a business book, offering top tips, advice and guidance I wrote a book. Yeah, me …. a book! Did I say that I wrote a book about business? I know! Me! A book! Now it ain’t no Tolstoy War and Peace, Harry Potter or Lady Chatterley’s you know but it’s out there,…

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Starting a Business in Hospitality

Why am I blogging??? So they tell me to write a hospitality consultancy blog about starting a business and I started Victus but Victus is me so basically write about myself, my work, my passion, my beliefs. Everything I do every day, is about hospitality, I eat, breathe, sleep and think catering. I am addicted to the…