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What Victus Hospitality Consultancy does…

Victus Hospitality & Catering Consultancy offers help, advice and guidance to hospitality businesses whose problems or challenges require a different perspective.

Victus works in many varied areas of hospitality – from vending to coffee shops, restaurants to hotels, and cinemas to universities. We’re in a strong position to identify trends as and when they develop, and to help struggling enterprises to compete in a market that may well be reaching saturation point. There is a world of difference between loving the idea of a commercial enterprise and actually running it as a profitable operation. We believe that in order to succeed, a business has to be engaging, challenging, fun and lucrative. It’s where you will spend the majority of your time so you have to be enthusiastic about and dedicated to your products, brand and staff.

Victus digs deep to find out what’s going wrong, and then advises the management team on what can be done to address the issues. Whether your business is a start-up in need of guidance, a catering business looking to expand into new areas or a fourth generation restaurant which has lost its way, Victus can help you reach your full potential. Ultimately, we aim to address the challenges, which in turn allows you to work on your business more, and in your business less.

We have started and helped hundreds of businesses in the last four years, including coffee shops, university campuses, takeaways, start up hotels, catering companies, safari parks and of course Victus itself, all of which have grown and flourished. Each project has its own identity but all are underpinned by the same philosophy and guarantee of quality.

Managing Director, Andrew D Scott MIH, also owns and operates various businesses throughout Scotland.

To find out more about one of the country’s top hospitality consulting firms, get in touch on 07732 454 639 or contact us here. 

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